Friday, January 12, 2007

Let it Snow!

What an interesting year for weather I say. We break the record for days in a row with rain. We then go on a drought this summer. Then we break the record for amount of rain in a month. Then we break the weather for Wind speed on record at Seatac. Followed by SNOW SNOW SNOW!

Interesting times I tell you. But isn't it nice to now that there is somebody that will never leave us or forsake us even during these times?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Go Hawks!

Love them Seahawks. Here's to Saturday vs the Cowboys in the playoffs.
This is a small video of last week's game vs the Chargers. It was a let down, but still a great game. It's so incredibly loud there. You have to be there to understand.
Double-Click the video below. It takes a short while to get started. You might have to click it again or double-click it.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Windstorm of the decade

We had quite a windstorm here this last Thursday. A record 69 mph gust was recorded at Seatac, edging out the 93 Inauguration Day Storm by 5 mph. I remember that one as a good wind storm (like they are good?) too. But that one didn't seem as powerful as this one. We live on a hill, on top of a plataue, and the wind was absolutely howling. I remember looking out the window a lot, or just staring out the window and watching the trees, huge trees sway back and forth. And the flash of blue lights (transformers) filling the sky. A million+ people without power this time. We lost our power for 3+ days, but some other people are still without power. Trying to get gas, food or get around sucked. So many traffic lights out. What is a normal 20 minute drive took an hour+. Staying warm...good luck. Here are some pictures of trees that went down right next to our property. Puget Sound Energy showed up to take a look at our neighbor's house and told him 8-10 days. I started praying just before this so it was interesting to see them show up. Then for some strange reason, they stop and cut down our blue spruce hanging on the wires. This was a good thing, because the next day, the power came on, which a survey group said wouldn't until they came out and fixed the issues. Namely getting the tree off the support wires for the utility pole, which is pulling on the line directly tied to our house. Thank goodness nothing hit our house. This is a storm I'll never forget.
Something else I realized is how much I take for granted these luxories in life...power, heat, cable, TV and internet!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wonder Women

After completing the Danskin triathlon, my wife chose a new goal of running a 1/2 marathon. A 1/2 marathon! That's 13.1 miles! Her and her running\tri-athlete pals took up the challenge to attempt such a feat at the Seattle Marathon this last Sunday. Now, I haven't ran for a long time. And the most I ever did was 4+ miles. So this is just plain amazing to me. Not only did they compete, but they all finished!!! Congratulations to all of you! My wife has inspired me. I've started running myself and hope to run with her in my 1st 5K this January. To the Victors...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Seasons for everything

Ahhh, what would life be without different seasons, and different views of seasons. Thanks God for kids who can give us a different view of those things we often forget as adults.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Nothing is the same

As I look at this picture, I think about how when I look at the human race, no two people are the same. Even twins, their personalities are different.

It seems to be the same for each day. When I take pictures of sunsets from my back yard, no two days are the same. God is amazing in His ability to make everything unique...including us.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Triatholon anybody???

Man, I am so proud of my wife. She is an AMAZING woman. Having completed her 2nd (and I will say REAL) triathlon, I'm wondering what she will accomplish next. I think it's a half-marathon in November. This is a picture at this year's Danskin Triathlon. My wife placed in a quite respectable position (in the upper 30%). And that's only after watching it last year and deciding she wanted to compete!! For those of you who don't know, here is the distance: Race Distance: Open Water Swim - 1/2 mile, Bike - 12 miles, Run - 3.1 miles